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An explainitory page of the meaning and thought behind the ITKI

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A brief abut the ITKI home dojo, times of classes, prices and a bit more.
Here you will find ut what the ITKI membership entails, costs and all the benefits if can bring.
Something has brought you here, be it you train in Shotokan and want to learn more about it, bored with the one your already taking and wish to take a look at a different style, perhaps you gotten the Karate Bug after watching the latest martial arts movie, maybe the desire to get fit has taken you or after hearing the latest stories on the News, feel the need to learn self defense. However your curiosity was piqued, it brought you to our site. So why not wander though our many pages and learn what the International Traditional Karate Institute (I.T.K.I.) is all about!

What we hope to provide here is a fun and invaluable educational resource for those experienced and inexperienced alike. We would like to guide one in learning the
true differences between Traditional Shotokan Karate and other types of karate.

At our Dojo, we put our focus into training hard. We can back up every technique with actual kinetics, scientific proof of how and why they work. Our method of training teaches the individual person how to train their own specific body type, allowing Traditional Shotokan to truly be accessible to all people. Men, women, children, seniors, those both with or without great physical abilities, even those with special challenges can effectively learn self defense though training in Traditional Shotokan Karate and all the while get fit, improve your awareness, relieve stress, and become more confidant!

 Thank you for visiting our site,
Shihan Armando R. Jemmott, Director

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An extensive gallery of events held, hosted and participated in by the I.T.K.I.
A place for open discussion about martial arts and other related topics.
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Master Funikoshi, The founding fathers of Shotokan Karate Nishiyama O'Sensei, one of the men instrumental in making Shotokan what it is today. D.S.K.I. dojo picture - The future of Shotokan Karate
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